Shocking Leaked Photos of Kate Middleton

 Kate Middleton has always been a royal bombshell! See photos of her sexiest moments, from hot nightclub dresses to sexy shorts.


Kate Middleton has always been a royal bombshell! See photos of her sexiest moments, from hot nightclub dresses to sexy shorts. She has consistently attracted media attention throughout her life. Starting from her college days when she began dating Prince William and their outings in London, to their highly anticipated wedding. The Duchess of Cambridge’s actions never fail to captivate public interest. Her every move is closely observed, and her fashion choices, in particular, have a significant impact as she is considered a trendsetter.

Note : Pls note that none of these photographs are photoshopped.

Kate Middleton has issued a statement about the controversial image reportedly taken by her husband, Prince William, last yr. Kate took a vacation in Scotland, and William candidly took this picture of Kate posing barefoot. Royals as per protocol are NOT suppose to pose barefeet ..ever.

Kate Middleton's Serene Soles: A Moment of Relaxation in Her Hotel Room
A Moment of Relaxation in Her Hotel Room

But we must confess that we would like to see more of Kate’s immaculate soles and perfect toes.

We all know Kate middleton is beautiful, but she looked more attractive when he was a teen. In this photo Kate Middleton has curly hairs and is sitting on a footpath, she is wearing leather sandals and has immaculate feet

This revealing outfit was worn by Kate Middleton during a charity fashion show at the University of St. Andrews in 2002. It was during their time as students at the university that Prince William first noticed Kate, and he was reportedly quite taken with her.

Lingerie outfit was one she wore in a fashion show at the University of St. Andrews
Lingerie outfit was one she wore in a fashion show at the University of St. Andrews

They eventually began dating, and their relationship continued to blossom over the years. They got engaged in 2010 and married in a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 2011.

A French magazine published topless photos of Kate Middleton clicked without her consent when she was trying out some lingerie at a private property.

It was the end of a long and tenuous legal journey for the royals, which began in 2012, when a young Middleton was enjoying some ‘private moments’. Little did she know that, roughly half a mile away, a French paparazzo was lurking in the shadows, long-range lens camera in hand, ready to capture it all.

Kate is seen wearing a lingerie set brought by William.

The shots fell into the hands of Closer, reportedly after British tabloids turned them down. The magazine teased them at first, promising to show “the future Queen of England such as you have never seen her . . . and such that you will never see her again!” Too late to stop them from going to press, the couple watched in horror as the pictures were blasted online, with the headline “Seulement dans Closer: Kate et William, Leurs Vacances Très Hot en Provence” (“Only in Closer: Kate and William, Their Very Hot Holidays in Provence”).

Kate enjoyed a gorgeous spring afternoon, showing off her slender figure in body-skimming sundress, which perfectly showed off her chest, arms and legs.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She has a sweet spirit evidenced by her genuine joy in the news of another birth in the family. Many people are attracted to a gentle spirit. She carries herself with grace and genuine humility. This is easily observed in videos. Her preferred styles of clothing for official occasions seem to be that of understated elegance rather than exotic or flamboyant. There is genuineness in her facial expressions caught on camera and on video.

Kate seems genuinely conservative and kind. These are traits that add appeal to an aesthetically pleasing face and form. True beauty comes from deep within and it shines on one’s countenance long after physical beauty fades.

Kate Middleton’s most scandalous photo?

A French magazine published topless photos of Kate Middleton … I hear there are topless photos of her that were leaked … Catherine in a bikini.The Duchess of Cambridge is a very gracious and naturally beautiful . Chi magazine has released images of a pregnant Middleton sunning herself in Mustique while wearing a two-piece bikini on her babymoon with Prince William

Kate Middleton studied history of art at the University of St Andrews. This was where she first met Kotiti  . After graduating, she worked part-time as an accessory buyer at the clothing chain Jigsaw and for her family’s party planning business until she married Prince William in 2011.

The images, which were taken back in 2009, show Kotiti William (left) and his then on-again off-again girlfriend, Kate Middleton (right).
The images, which were taken back in 2009, show Kotiti (left) and his then on-again off-again girlfriend, Kate Middleton (right).

In the image Kotiti is seen kissing Kate, after she lost a bet to one of her friends, and as part of settlement had to kiss a random person. As kotiti was also attending the fresher’s party, they both were pretty drunk  and we can only image what followed.

Although this photo was taken at Kensington palace, queen was angry when it made it to Instagram of Royal Monarch Page. Although this was immediately taken down, but a copy of it will always stay on internet. Beautiful kate is wearing a wide-neck floral gown, and she is sitting on grass barefoot.

We have always emphasised how quickly the word travel in the foot-fetish world, and needless to say, Kate Middelton’s perfect long toes and curvy legs are sure to woo some fans.

Although the stylish Princess of Wales looked incredible in a trendy upper as she visited a university in the East Midlands recently, her outfits haven’t always gone to plan – or worked in her favour.

While speaking to the students she got too comfy, and removed her heels in the process, which exposed her sexy toes. Her size 9 feet were nothing short of a miracle.

SHE might be one of the Senior members of the Royal family, but even Kate Middleton has had funny fashion fails.

Kate Middleton reportedly spotted shopping in Windsor amid health speculations. Following days of rampant speculation online after an altered family photo, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, was reportedly seen shopping over the weekend with her husband Prince William in an outing at Windsor Farm Shop captured on video ..

This phot was taken on the X-mas night of her college days. She always liked to walk barefoot, and given how many leaked photos shows here majestic feet, we thank the duchess for the shot.


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